Shannon Trippy

Hello My Name Is... 

Shannon Trippy


Special Education Department Chair

I hope you are all doing well and able in this adventure that is the 2020 school year! Let's embark upon this adventure in remote learning with eagerness, curiosity, and patience! :)

Where are assignments posted? What additional websites, tools/apps will be used? 
All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  I provided a resource to access Google Classroom in the "Useful Links" tab. In addition, assignments may include Flipgrid, EdPuzzle, Youtube,, Adobe Spark, and Google Docs and Slides. 

Here are the codes to my Google Classrooms:
2nd Period LA 4: yszjtpg
5th Period LA4: 5wzmcfe
Jobs/Career Awareness:   cncxoua
Excel: wagsew3 

What is the best way to contact me? 
Students may contact me through Google Classroom, Google Voice # or via email. The best way for parents to contact me is via email. I will also schedule Zoom meetings, as requested, during office hours. 
Office Hours: M-F during remote learning by appointment

Click the links to view the Back to School Night parent info videos for each class
LA4 Parent Info Video

Career Awareness Parent Info Video

Excel Academic Support Info Video

I hope to see and hear from you, if for no other reason than to say hi! :) 
Stay Well,
Mrs. Trippy

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