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Tamara Dixon

  peacefully reading

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:20 to 2:00
and by appointment

9thGrade: Class Name: 9thHonors
                  Class Code: @9nhs2020
11thGrade: Class Name: ELA3         
                  Class Code: @ela3dixon

Google Classroom Codes
Period 3: womxasu
Period 4: 7o5jiml
Period 5: ooymoje

Degrees and Certifications:
BA in English
Single Subject Credential - English
MS in Reading Education

Mrs. Dixon

Zoom link
for all classes and office hours:

Meeting ID: 971 8838 8678

Passcode: 34fCjh

Google Classroom codes:
Period 3: womxasu
Period 4: 7o5jiml

Period 5: ooymoje


Remind Codes:
9th Grade - @9nhs2020
11th Grade -

Personal Message

Welcome! Consider this page your starting point for all of your remote learning needs in language arts. To the left, you will see a tab for your specific subject. Below, I have a list of frequently asked questions that I hope will be helpful to you. If there is something I forgot to cover, or it just doesn’t make sense to you, reach out to me through email or remind and I will be happy to help.



How will remote learning work for our class?

  • We will meet every school day with Zoom at the scheduled time for your class (click here for the bell schedule).To sign into Zoom,you must create a Zoom account linked to your school Google account(see Zoom these instructions). We will alwaysuse this link for our meetings.Please understand that for the safety of all of my students, I will not let you into the meeting if you are not signed in with your school google displaying your full name just as it is on my roster.
  • We will begin each class with a brief check-in activity. Each check-in activity will count towards your grade, and it is also how you will be marked as present for the day.
  • Most of our lessons and activities will be assigned through Google Classroom. You will often need to access Google Classroom while still in the Zoom meeting, so it is best to have a real computer that can show both Zoom and Google on the screen. If your phone is your only device, contact the school and they will loan you a device that will work better for our needs.To access our Google Classroom, you must sign into Google with your school email ( It is best to go through your student portal at the school’s webpage (see this link for help). Your Google Classroom code is on the your syllabus , but I will also give it to you again during our first Zoom. There won’t be much to see in there until Monday anyway.
  • Besides Zoom and Google Classroom, we are likely to use Flipgrid and Pear Deck a lot during class time and for homework. If you are not familiar with these platforms, don’t worry at all. They are both super user friendly and I will help you figure it out during our first week together.


What is our Zoom link again?

You can also go to “Join Meeting” on or in your Zoom app and use the ID and password.

Meeting ID: 971 8838 8678
Passcode: 34fCjh

Why can’t I get into our Zoom meeting?

  • Make sure you are signed into Zoom with your school email account.Click her for instructions.
  • You must be signed in with your full legal name just as it listed on your Q student connect. I need to recognize your name, or I can’t let you out of the waiting room.
  • If you have done both of the above, try an alternate way in. If you are on the app, try the browser. If you are using the browser, try the app. If you used the link, try joining with the ID and password (copy and paste these to avoid typos).
  • If you tried all of the above and still can’t get in, shoot me a message on remind and go to Google Classroom to access the work for the day.


How do I sign up for remind?

If you don’t already have an account, go to and make one. Then you can join our class using the class name and code below.

9thGrade: Class Name: 9thHonors
Class Code: @9nhs2020

11thGrade: Class Name: ELA3
Class Code: @ela3dixon


Can parents sign up for remind?

Yes! I encourage it. Just use the same code as your child and you will see all of the messages the class gets from me.


How do I access Google Classroom?

You must sign in with your school email account.See this link for help finding your classrooms through the school homepage. Once you are in GC, go to the + in the top right corner and add our class using the code for your period below.

Period 3: jfxxrma
Period 4: urspgrt
Period 5: tnptebk


Can parents access Google Classroom?

Yes! You will receive an email from me the first week of school asking which email you would like me to input in GC. From what I understand, your email must be linked to a Google account. This doesn’t mean it needs to be a gmail; it simply means you must create a google account with that email if you haven’t done so already. Once you are invited to GC, you will have the option to receive updates about your child’s progress in GC. If your child misses an assignment, GC will notify you.

How do you take attendance?

We will begin each class with a brief check-in activity. Each check-in activity will count towards your grade, and it is also how you will be marked as present for the day. If you couldn’t make it to the zoom meeting, you can still get the check-in and other assignments from Google Classroom. As long as it is in by 11:59, I will still count you present. If all else fails, email me or send me a message on Remind, and I will help you find a way to access the work.


What if I miss several zoom meetings, but I’m still keeping up with the work on Google Classroom?

If you are consistently missing meetings, I will contact your parent or guardian just out of concern for you. Even if the work is getting done, I want to know that you are well. It is important for our mental and social health to stay connected to people while we are under stay-at-home orders.





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