Wood Construction
Mr. Olivares

Office Hours: 
Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm I will continually check my emails throughout the day before 3pm
Please communicate with me by email. My email is eolivares@cnusd.k12.ca.us

BiographyHello, I have been teaching woodworking for approximately 25 years. Looking forward to having you in wood shop this year.


  • All assignments are enrichment and will be used to improve your grade, not harm it
  • Work will be a variety of formats including written, drawings, small projects, and YouTube videos
  • Weekly assignments will be posted Monday by 10am on the staff directory teacher page at NorcoHighSchool.com and my teacher website linked to my teacher page. 
  • Completed work will be emailed to me by Friday at 3pm to ease grading. You can turn in the assignments later however, for full credit. 
  • My grade book will be updated on Mondays


Enrichment Grading:

  • Just a reminder that all work is optional and if you choose not to participate your grade will not be lowered
  • If you choose to participate you can potentially raise your grade a 1/2 grade. (Example... B- becomes a B)
  • There are 203 possible points
  • Each weeks work is worth 29 points

Lesson Week of May 26th:

This is the last assignment for the school year.

Write a  two page essay (in Word or Pages typed) on your experience in the woodshop class this year. Do your best with the writing and spelling and punctuation.

Topic suggestions:

*the new things you learned

*the new machines, tools and equipment you learned to use

*the projects you made and your experience making those projects

*problems you encountered and how they were solved

*the things you liked about the class and didn’t like

*the new friends you made

*Mr. O’s teaching methods

*what you would do differently


Lesson Week of May 18th:

Construct an item out of wood, such as popsicle sticks, toothpicks, sticks from the yard, etc.  You can use Elmers glue, woodworking glue or super glue to hold it together. Try to sand the pieces a little and at the end, add some finishing touches by staining, painting or clear coating it.  It needs to have some color of finish to make it look better. Make sure it is sturdy as you are building it, so it doesn't fall apart on you.  Take progress pictures and pictures of the final project and submit those for the credit for the project. Possible projects include, a small box, a bird house, decorate a picture frame, etc. Look on youtube for ideas. 

Lesson Week of May 11th:
Write a two page research paper, in Word or Pages Format on the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA.  

Include in the paper:
Information about the architects
The architectural style
Who the house was built for
The cost of the house
The materials used

As part of this assignment make sure to watch the original back to the future movie or some clips that include the professors home and workshop. 

This is an informal research paper.  Do not be concerned with citations and reference sources. 

Lesson Week of May 4th:

1. Define the following Words Related To Wood Working:

Air Compressor
Annual Rings
Architectural Drawings
Architectural Woodwork
Band Clamp
Base Cabinets
Board Foot
Butterfly Table
Cabriole Leg
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Circle Cutter
Closed Grain
Combination Squuare
Compound Miter Saw
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC)
Construction Grade
Contact Adhesives

Lesson Week of April 27th:

 1.  If you have submitted work previously you have been added to the shared drive. 
2. If you need access please email me and I will add you the shared drive. 

Identify the ten pictures in the shared Google Drive .  They are all common types of wood used in wood construction.

* Draw the 7 wood joints,  including all labels, that are in the google shared drive. 

* Draw the Parts of a Tree Trunk drawing, including all labels, that are in the google shared drive. 

 Lesson Week of April 20th:

*Find a SMALL item somewhere around your house or from somewhere else and refurbish (refinish, repurpose, reconstitute) it, like a lot of the Jimmy Diresta videos.  Dust the object off, clean it, fix it, sand it, scrape off the old paint, and apply a new coat of paint or clear finish or stain or whatever applies. Try to use what you have around the house so you don't need to go to the store.  You can even use paint or stain you have at home.  Keep it simple and small. You should spend 3-5 hours on this project. Take pictures as you go, about 10-20 pictures, and send them to me.  Be sure to include before and after pictures. This is how you will get credit for this weeks assignment.  

Remember....keep it very simple and be safe with the tools you use. Use your parents as a resource for ideas and for help as you work on this project.  

Some project ideas--
A part of a bicycle
a planter or pot for plants
a small stool
a chair, part of a vehicle
a picture frame
an old wooden box
a door
an old tool
old kitchen utensils
a mirror
a toy

Lesson Week of April 13th:


*Watch the Jimmy Diresta Video on You Tube: “Tool Drawer” and write a page of notes.

Use this link:  https://youtu.be/7vXP5GEhT98

*Make a multi-view drawing of a piece of furniture in your home. Use a ruler to draw the straight lines and line up the front, top and side views and include some rough dimensions (extension and dimension lines) and a title block for lettering. Be neat!

*Interview your parent or an adult in your household about their job or career and what it involves. Some possible questions would be: what exactly do they do, how many hours they work, do they enjoy it, why they chose this type of work, does this job require education or schooling or a certification or license, are there safety considerations, can they advance and earn more money, how long have they been doing this type of work etc.  Write one page of notes on the interview be sure to include who the person was that you interviewed (father, brother, uncle etc. NO NAMES) and the title of their job.