Ms. Bosquez

Room: N-205
Email:  [email protected]

School Starts on Tuesday, August 9th. First period will start at 8:30 am and sixth period will end at 3:34 pm. Each class will need to bring their device fully charged, pens and pencils, notebook paper (either college or wide ruled), and math textbook. 
*There is NO late start on Wednesday, August 10th but will start the following Wednesday.  

Here is my contact information:
   [email protected]

Tutoring will be offered in the mornings (except Wednesdays) starting at 8:10 am.


🔔 Teaching Schedule 





 1  Accelerated Pre-calculus  8:30  9:27
 2 Honors Pre-calculus  9:35  10:34
 3 IM 3  10:42  11:37
 4 IM 3  11:45  12:44
 5 IM 3  1:32  2:29