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Norco Trivia

we are norco

Trivia Questions

Last updated 2017

  1. When did Norco High School open? 1967
  2. Where did Norco get its name? North Corona
  3. What is our mascot? Cougar
  4. What are our school colors? Royal Blue and White
  5. What is our famous saying? We are... Norco!
  6. When did the school's administration office get remodeled? 2010-12
  7. Name the street that is the only street in the entire USA with a 3-colored, red, white, and blue stripe down the center lane? 6th Street
  8. What non-profit organization is exclusive to Norco High School and its community and provides scholarships to students taking Advanced Placement exams each year? NEST (Norco Educational Support Team)
  9. What are the 3 sports that have earned CIF titles? Football, Girl’s Basketball, and Softball
  10. Name the gentleman who yells the nortorious chant “We Are… Norco!" At every football game each time we score. Filipe Lopez (his wife is our Textbook Clerk, Geri)
  11. Which teacher does the announcing at all of our home football games? Mr. Taylor, Social Science Department
  12. Which security guard is also the head Girls Basketball coach? Coach Kim
  13. What % of students on average participate in at least one sport?40%
  14. What’s Concrete’s (security guard) real name and where did he get that name? Richard Hundley – let him explain
  15. Which teacher also serves as a government official for the City of Norco? Mrs. Grundmeyer, Agriculture Department
  16. What % of current staff members are Norco High graduates? 15%
  17. What % of current staff members currently live in Norco? 18%
  18. What % of NHS staff members reside within the district’s boundaries (Eastvale, Corona, Norco)? 60%
  19. Norco College is less than ____ miles away from Norco High School. 2
  20. How many security guards are also coaches for sports at our school? 3 (Kim, Wade, Floyd)
  21. How many current CTE pathways do we offer? 6 (4 in Ag, 1 in Wood, 1 in Industrial Design, 1-Robotics/Mechatronix, 1 in Graphic Design)
  22. What is the Norco High School mission statement? We are a community working together to prepare college- and career-bound graduates who are responsible, resourceful, and ready to achieve.
  23. How many clubs do we offer at Norco High? 21
  24. What % of students are involved in at least one club this year? 25%
  25. What % of students are involved in a co-curricular activity (one that requires a course to be involved, like JROTC or Ag)? 44%
  26. What ethnicity is the largest group among student population? Hispanic became the dominant ethnicity in 2016-17 (47%), followed by White (43%).
  27. What % do we estimate total student involvement (involved in at least one sport, club, or class that requires outside participation)? 75%
  28. What is the name of our school district? Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) - the 8th largest school district in the state of California
  29. What % of students are enrolled in an Ag class? 26%
  30. Where is Michi’s Café? Backroom of library for all staff to grab a cup of coffee, pastry, or treat that staff has contributed
  31. Which Board Member represents the Norco community? John “Mr. Z” Zickefoose
  32. Which State Department agency supports the Jobs class and Transition Program for 12th graders with a disability? Dept. of Rehabilitation
  33. What does “WICOR” relate to? It is the AVID framework that many teachers also use in their classes to provide the best learning experience for their students. W=Writing, I=Inquiry, C=Collaboration, O=Organization, R=Reading
  34. What % of students take at least 1 AP course? 25%
  35. What is the “a-g” completion rate for NHS students who graduated last year? 47%
  36. On average, how many graduating Seniors attend college the fall after graduation? 70%
  37. What is the head football coach's name? Coach Chuck Chastain, also a Social Science Department teacher
  38. What % of current teachers are new since our last WASC visit in 2011? 40%
  39. Which colleges do we currently have articulated classes with? Norco College/Riverside Community, Mt. San Antonio College, Cerritos College
  40. What does NHS do to accommodate LGTBQ students when changing out for PE or dance? A new, private dressing room that is planned to be constructed between the girls and boys dressing room. Or, they may change in the restrooms located in the Administrative Building.
  41. What ethnicity is the NHS staff mostly composed of? White – 57%; Hispanic 22%
  42. How many clerks do we have? 12: Mrs. Rowan, Mrs. Machuca, Ms. Lowe, Ms. Sanzari, Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Ruvalcaba, Mrs. Stuckenschneider, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Walker, Ms. Villalobos, Mrs. Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Relatores
  43. Name the ways parents can get involved with NHS. PSTA, Advisory Committees, WASC Parent Group, Open House, 8th Grade Vision Night, ELAC, and School Site Council
  44. What is the #1 thing all staff members must do before entering campus to ensure safety? Wear their ID Badge
  45. How many Booster Clubs do we have at NHS? Only one: Football
  46. What is the only way an applicant can apply for a job with our wonderful district?
  47. What is the official term for aides in Special Ed Classes? Paraeducators
  48. Where do students who ride their horses to school tie up their horses? We do not offer facilities for horses. Students may not bring their pets to school.
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