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1st Week

1st Week: How to be Successful

1. Check your schedule in Student Connect everyday!
  • Counselors will be adjusting schedules all week long and you will not be notified.
  • Attend the class that is showing in your schedule that morning.
  • Don't worry about attendance - we know it will be messy and inaccurate the first week. We will clean this up next week.

2. Check your CNUSD email every day!

  • Teachers will contact you via email to begin with. Once classes start, they will let you know how to best reach them.
  • Didn't get an email? Visit their teacher website where they should have everything you need to know to join the class for the first time.
  • Use this email to reach out to your teach if you joined their class late, missed class, or need anything.

3. Make contact with the class or teacher daily!

  • Make sure you do something for your class each day. 
  • This is how attendance will be taken (you are present if you submit an assignment, email the teacher, or any way of contacting the teacher or class - a parent may do so on behalf of the student should technology be an issue)

4. Check-in with your class daily!

  • Check your teacher's website (or Google Classroom/Canvas) for daily assignments.
  • Even if you are absent, you are required to make up the daily work - even if your schedule changes.
  • Checking in daily will help you keep up instead of falling behind.
  • This will help to avoid missing any important information.



5. Create a work space at home

Location: Find a good place at home that you designate as your work space - a table and chair is preferred (the dining room table is a great place!)

What to have on-hand: 

  • Device
  • Cell Phone (if you use one)
  • Good Lighting
  • Paper and Pencil/Pen
  • Handy Tips (see below)

6. Handy Tips!
  • Classes-at-a-Glance.docx - Create a sheet with all of your classes' basic information all on one sheet so you have one place to go to when you need information quickly.
  • Use Reminders!
    • Android How-to
    • Apple How-to
    • "Hey, Siri! Remind me at 4pm to finish my math homework."
    • "Hey, Siri! Remind me on August 21st that it is the last day to change my schedule."
  • Helpful Apps!
    • Zoom App - click here for login info and helpful getting started tips
    • Google Classroom App 
    • Instagram App - follow NHS for up-to-date info and to message when you need assistance
    • NorcoHS App - easy access to Student Connect, email and more! (We are experiencing issues with Android Store - we are working to fix this)


    Still need help? Email for help

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