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Student Log-In (must login through myCNUSD)
This process requires students to log-in to their official CNUSD accounts before entering a Zoom meeting to ensure the correct student is attending meetings that they were invited to.

Staff Log-In and Authentication (through myCNUSD)


More Zoom Tips

  • Attendance - click Reports, then Usage to get list of names and amount of time they attended (Broussard)
  • Attendance - assign each student a number to list in front of their name when they log-in for faster attendance (Randeen)
  • Attendance - require students to list their last name first to take attendance faster (Vranich)
  • Student Names - disallow participants to rename themselves in the Settings (Dagrossa)
Waiting Room
  • Waiting Room How-To
  • Waiting Room - only allow those with appropriate names to enter (Dagrossa)
  • Waiting Room - customize your message to students in Waiting Room (Dixon)

Breakout Rooms


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