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Apply Now!

Apply Now!

Are you going to be a Freshman at Norco College next fall? Here are the steps required to apply for FREE tuition!!!

1. Complete the FAFSA
All students are REQUIRED to complete the FAFSA before your Norco application will be accepted.

2. Complete the Norco College Application
All students are REQUIRED to complete the Norco application.

Q & A

Question: Do Norco High School students get priority registration with Norco College?
Answer: No, we do NOT get any priority, which is why it is important to complete each step as soon as possible and in the order we have listed on this page.

Question: What happened to the Summer Advantage?
Answer: Norco College no longer holds this event as a week-long program in the summer. Instead, it is a Campus Tour and a half-day Orientation. If you miss either of these, you will lose any priority with your application.

Question: Do we get free college the first year?
Answer: If you are selected to receive the grant, then, yes, you will receive free tuition and your student fees waived.

Question: What is the Promise Program?
Answer: Click Here for More Information

Question: What is Norco Advantage?
Answer: It is an opportunity for ANY first-time college student form the surrounding area who plans to attend Norco College starting in Summer or Fall 2020. Students who participate in Norco Advantage will be put on the priority list of the Promise Program.

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