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Mechatronix Spring 2019

Mechatronix students were tasked with designing and constructing a can feeder system that would hold at least 4 cans and integrate a sensor with the robot to signal when the feeder system was empty. Follow the link below to see the can feeder systems in operation.

Spring 2019 Mechatronix Can Feeder Systems

What is Mechatronix?
Mechatronix is a contraction of the words "Mechanical" and "Electronics" and is used in industry to refer to the various systems used to automate a manufacturing or logistics operation. Students completing the Mechatronix pathway will be well prepared for entry-level technical positions with local logistics and manufacturing companies. This pathway is also designed to prepare students interested in careers in engineering.

Dare to Soar - students completing Mechatronix 1a/b and Mechatronix 2a/b with a B or better will earn a cord which is worn at graduation and signifies their high level of technical proficiency. 
Articulated Credit - (pending) students completing Mechatronix 1a/b and Mechatronix 2a/b with a B or better will be able to submit evidence of their technical proficiency to faculty at Norco College and will earn 3 units of college credit.
Apprenticeship - students completing Mechatronix 1a/b and Mechatronix 2a/b with a B or better will have the opportunity to apply for a paid apprenticeship with a local manufacturing or logistics company. 
Certifications - students in the Mechatronix pathway will have the opportunity to complete industry-recognized certifications (see instructor for specific certifications). 
SkillsUSA - students in Mechatronix 2a/b and higher will have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA (a national Career Technical Student Organization "CTSO"). SkillsUSA provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their technical skills through competition against other students enrolled in similar pathways. Mechatronix students are currently competing in Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue and UAVs but additional contests may be added based on student interest. SkillsUSA students compete at the regional level and may advance to state and national levels.
Employment - students completing the Mechatronix pathway should find they have the skills and abilities to obtain entry-level employment in the automation and manufacturing industries.

Year 1: Mechatronix 1a/1b
Year 2: Mechatronix 2a/2b

SkillsUSA Robotics (open to students who have completed the Mechatronix Pathway)
Year 1: SkillsUSA Urban Search and Rescue Robotics Competition
Year 2: SkillsUSA Urban Search and Rescue Competition or Minds-i UAV Competition (teacher discretion)

Local Industry Partners:
SR Machining
K&N Engineering
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division
Corona Chamber of Commerce
City of Corona
American Fabrication Academy

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