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Fall Registration FAQ's

Fall Registration FAQ's

What if I have an issue with my locker? Locker numbers and combinations are printed on all student schedules. Schedules are picked up in the cafeteria on the day of registration. Should there be an issue with the locker (such as the combination not working), please report to the cafeteria. PE lockers are issued to students during the first week of school by PE teachers.

What if there is an issue with my schedule? Changes will only be made if there is a correction that is needed (such as the wrong class was given to a student) - changes will not be made to accommodate special requests for teachers. Counselors will be located in their offices which is located in the Administration Building.

I signed up for a sport, but have PE on my schedule. All students begin with PE on their schedules until the coaches provide the teams’rosters. Once rosters are submitted to counselors, they will make the changes to the students’ schedules. This may take up to two weeks after the start of school.

Do I have to take school photos? Yes, photos are required in order to create Student ID's and to be placed in the yearbook. Order school photos are completely optional.

Do I need to bring textbooks to school every day? Every teacher will have his/her own requirement. It is suggested that all students arrive on the first day of school with all textbooks to ensure students do not receive a penalty for not having the textbooks.

Do I have to check out my textbooks during registration? Yes. Many students change their classes on the first few days of school, which means long lines at the Textbook Office.

Am I responsible for damages in a textbook if it was there when I received it? No, but to ensure that you are not held liable, it is recommended that you notify the textbook office as soon as you receive your textbooks (or shortly thereafter) should you notice any damages so the textbook clerks can note it in the computer system.

Am I required to purchase anything at the Activities Office? No, but you must obtain your free student ID ($10 for replacements).

Do I have to purchase PE clothes? All students in a general PE class must wear blue shorts and white or gray top (purchase NHS PE attire in the Activities Office). Students in athletics may have a separate PE uniform. Students may wait to purchase PE attire until school has begun.

Does my parent have to come during registration day to sign the lunch off-campus pass? No. Parents may come anytime to complete an off-campus lunch pass. They will be available in the registration line during 11th and 12th grade registration dates and times. After these dates, parents must wait until registration and sign the form in the Administration Office.

How to do I apply for free/reduced lunch? Applications will be available in the cafeteria during registration. Click here for more information.

Do I have to come to registration on my assigned day? Students may come any day during registration week, but it will take you much longer to go through the process. You must let each station know your grade level when going through the lines.

What if I can't register during registration week? Students may come on a different registration day (we ask that upper-classmen do not attend the Freshmen Orientation day) to go through all of the registration steps. Students may also complete some of the steps after Registration with some things that may have to wait until the first few days of school. Call the office to get more information at 951-736-3241.

Will offices be closed during registration week since staff will be at each station? All front office clerks will be located in various locations during the registration times. Clerks will return to their desks after the official registration time and will close for lunch around 12pm and 1pm.

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