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Thinking About Taking AP/Honors?

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See the AP Information Presentation here.

Classes Overview

Honors Courses
Honors classes often offer the same curriculum as regular classes, but are tailored for students who dedicate the time and additional work needed to complete the course successfully.

AP Courses
AP courses cover the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in corresponding college courses. They are aligned with the standards and expectations of leading liberal arts and research institutions, and provide motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level. (Click here for information regarding AP exams.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an honor's class?
Simply select which class(es) you would like to take and the counselor will ensure that your request is taken into consideration when building your class schedule. Counselors must take your 8th grade grades and CST (California State Test) scores into consideration when placing students into honor's classes, so be sure to visit with your counselor should you have a question or concern.

How do I sign up for an AP class?
First, complete a contract with your counselor that agrees to the rigorous terms and conditions of your enrollment, then indicate which AP class you are interested in on the Course Selection Sheet (given out during the spring to all students for enrolling in the following school year).

What if I sign up for an honors or AP class and I don't like it or I'm not performing well?
Visit with your counselor within the first two weeks of the new school year to discuss your concerns. If you fail to come during the first two week of the start of a new semester, you will not be able to withdraw from that given class.

What is the GPA difference between an honors/AP course and a general course?
An honor's course is much more rigorous and fast-paced than a general course, which involves significantly more homework and much higher levels of participation to receive exceptional grades. Honor's courses also carry an extra GPA point than general classes - an "A" in a regular class is worth 4 points, whereas an "A" in an honors or AP course is worth 5 points. (View explanation here.)

Who can take honors and AP courses?
Although we do not place any restrictions on students for enrolling in an honors or AP course, it is recommended that only students who have an "A" in the previous years of taking that particular course and/or demonstrate "Advanced" on your CST/STAR scores.

If I complete an AP course with a passing grade, does that mean I acquire college credit for that given class?
Students who take and successfully pass AP courses must take the AP exam with a successful passing score in order to acquire college credit for that given course.

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