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The Department of Special Education offers a variety of services and programs to students who have disabilities, to their teachers, and to their families.

In the Special Education Department, you can:

  • Inquire about Programs and Services available to families and students with Special Educational Needs
  • Get help for Infants and Preschool Children with Physical, Language, and other Developmental Handicaps
  • Talk with a Program Specialist/Coordinator about anything from concerns to strategies!
  • Obtain information on Special Educational Assessment Procedures
  • Access Referrals to Community Agencies providing support to students with disabilities.
  • Find out about services available to students with significant Developmental, Emotional, Motor, Physical, Language, Speech, Visual, and Hearing impairments
  • Learn about various Levels of Special Educational support, such as Designated Instructional Services, Resource Programs, Special Day Classes
  • Inquire about Mental Health Services
  • Determine Parent/Student Rights and Laws relating to Special Educational Programs
  • Find out about In services regarding a variety of topics related to Special Education
  • Get information about Study Skills
  • Talk to a Program Specialist about Behavioral Intervention Plans
  • Access Parent Support Groups and other Parenting Programs
  • Talk to staff regarding Transportation for students in Special Educational Programs
  • Get information about programs to support School to Work Transitions for high school students such as the Workability and Transition Partnership Project
  • Find out about the Community Advisory Committee 
  • Get information about Victress Bower School for Students with Severe and Profound Disabilities
  • Inquire about methods and programs for Mainstreaming and Reverse Mainstreaming

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