Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council & School Site Councils


Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council

The Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council is composed of two parents from each of our schools. The purpose of the council is to provide transparency and two-way communication between the Superintendent and schools. This council will discuss a variety of topics, share information, and broaden understanding of District and State related issues.

Council Members:

  • Attend scheduled council meetings

  • Act as communicators between the Superintendent’s Office and the schools

  • Provide the Superintendent with information from the community

  • Provide accurate information regarding district activities to the community

  • Act as a focus group member for Superintendent regarding district issues

2023-2024 Meeting Dates (4:00PM-5:00PM

  • September 6 (at the Parent Center)

  • November 15 (via Zoom)

  • January 17 (via Zoom)

  • March 13 (via Zoom)

  • May 15 (at Learning Center South)

School Site Council

The California Department of Education and CNUSD have established laws, procedures and policies that require and guide School Site Councils (SSCs).

School Site Councils are instrumental in the development, monitoring And evaluation of the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and the budgets required and articulated within the plan. The SPSA is a plan that establishes the goals for a school’s student achievement, describes the programs, and identifies the State and Federal funds used by the school to achieve these goals. School Site Council’s support increases student achievement by focusing their work on the development, monitoring, and evaluation of the SPSA and corresponding budgets.

Membership vacancies on the SSC are filled utilizing a nomination/election process determined by the local district policies and SSC bylaws. The principal is the ONLY assigned member of the SSC, all others are nominated/elected by their peers. 

The dates of each individual School Site Council Meeting will be established at individual sites. Please contact your individual school sites for dates and locations.  



Dr. Charla Capps[email protected]
Administrative Director of Educational Services, 951-736-5117

Dr. Jeremy Goins, [email protected]
Executive Director of Development, 951-736-5010