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The importance of school safety has been a long-standing priority for CNUSD and has allowed us to refine our practices and implement new safety measures on a continual basis. Over the past several years, the District has held numerous trainings, meetings, and conversations with members of our school board, leaders of local law enforcement agencies, cabinet members, principals, teachers, classified staff, and community members to receive school safety updates and recommendations. 

Our cities and the District continue to work closely together to ensure support and communication are in place to address any emergency. With District guidance, our principals continually meet to review and reinforce school safety policies and procedures. All schools have an updated safety plan; this is an evolving document and requires personnel to have received proper training in executing the plan in the event a school crisis occurs. 

Law enforcement experts have shared that school campuses continue to be one of the safest places to be. CNUSD is a model for other districts, with our long-time emphasis on student safety, secure campuses, and trained support staff to intervene if a crisis occurs. CNUSD's close relations with the Corona Police Department and Riverside County Sheriffs Department are second-to-none; communication with law enforcement occurs daily as it relates to the safety of our schools.

We would like to reemphasize and reinforce practices that have been implemented at our school sites over the past several years to minimize vulnerabilities and increase preparedness among students, staff, and parents. Recent examples include:

  • Development of Mental Health Task Force

  • Lockdown drills

  • Active shooter training

  • Raptor check-in system requiring visitors to show proof of ID and Megan's law verification

  • Fencing at schools throughout the District to keep schools closed from outsiders

  • Security cameras at all school sites

  • Law enforcement officer at each high school

  • Partnership with Corona Police Dept. and Riverside County Sheriffs Dept. which includes patrolling at all campuses.

  • Implemented Gaggle, monitors students email and google accounts for threats of violence or self harm

  • First Responder training with school staff that includes: First Aid, AED, CPR, and Narcan 

Please be assured CNUSD will continue the dialogue regarding school safety and refine our practices and procedures to ensure the safety of our students and staff is not compromisedStaff, students, and members of our community fill a vital role in our safety protocols; open communication between home and school is critical to the safety and well-being of our students and your children. Together as a community, we will be united in maintaining our campus safety. 

We encourage you to share with us any concerns you may have about our school safety policies or your child's safety. We ask you to report any alarming social media posts or any information your child shares concerning safety. Lastly, we ask you to have open conversations with your children regarding social media postings and remain vigilant. As always, feel free to contact us with any concerns. 


Confidential Safety Tipline: SpeakUp for Safety

As an additional precaution and an extension of the See Something, Hear Something, Say Something campaign, CNUSD has launched new confidential SpeakUp for Safety tip line. The tip line will allow students to easily and confidentially report threats of violence, bullying, peers in crisis, and other imminent concerns that affect students’ well-being and security.

The SpeakUp for Safety tip line will be continually monitored by safety professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. Non-life-threatening tips will be quickly routed to designated school or district staff members, and in severe situations, district-appointed contacts will be immediately notified to take action. In the most urgent cases in which a student is in immediate danger and representatives are unable to notify a district-appointed contact, law enforcement will be contacted to intervene.

CNUSD SpeakUp for Safety tip line can be called or text at 951-589-0600 or emailed to [email protected]. Posters will be on display around our campuses for student awareness. 


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