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CAASPP Testing

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Block Scheduling

block schedule

To best accommodate our 11th graders, the entire school will be using the block scheduling during this 2-1/2 week testing period. 

  • Thursday 4/11 - Science testing for odd periods
  • Friday 4/12 - Science testing for even periods
  • Monday 4/15 - Math SBAC testing for odd periods
  • Tuesday 4/16 - Math SBAC testing for even periods
  • Wednesday 4/17 - Make-up testing for students who were absent will be called in for make-ups for any test already begun schoolwide
  • Thursday 4/18 - Math SBAC testing for odd periods (ok to finish Science if not yet completed)
  • Friday 4/19 - Math SBAC testing for even periods (ok to finish Science if not yet completed)
  • Monday 4/22 - Literacy SBAC testing for odd periods
  • Tuesday 4/23 - Literacy  SBAC testing for even periods
  • Wednesday 4/24 - Make-up testing for students who were absent will be called in for make-ups for any test not yet started
  • Thursday 4/25 - Literacy SBAC testing for odd periods (ok to finish any other tests not yet completed)
  • Friday 4/26 - Literacy SBAC testing for even periods (ok to finish any other tests not yet completed)

Who's Testing

All 11th graders and any 12th graders who did not take the CAST during their 11th grade year.

Types of Tests

  • CAASPP = The overall name of all tests
  • SBAC = The name of the Literacy and Math tests
    • Literacy - 30% Language Arts; 70% other content areas, such as analyzing historical documents; test questions will adjust to the student's ability
    • Math - tested at the Integrated Math 3 level; test questions will adjust to the student's ability
  • CAST = The name of the Science test
  • Practice Test - Want to see the new way students are tested? Check out the Training Tests available to explore! (Click on the green box.)

How Parents Can Help

  1. Talk positively about the test with your student
  2. Take a Practice Test with your student to see what they'll be experiencing (click on the green box)
  3. Make sure your student gets enough sleep the night before and has breakfast and lunch for testing dates.

How Teachers have Prepared Students

All Language Arts and Math teachers have taken their students to practice this test in the computer lab. This helps students become familiar with the various options the test has, the layout of the test, the buttons, and various tools embedded in the test. Additionally, the test has been administered in their content area so students can see how they will be tested as it relates to Literacy and/or Math.

How this Impacts Students

  • COLLEGE - The EAP Assessment is embedded in the SBAC exams, which includes an undisclosed number of questions to determine if students are reaching the college readiness level upon entering college. Students who score well can avoid remedial classes and jump directly into the Freshman level of Math or Language Arts classes in college. Learn more about CSU in the area of English and Math.
  • MATH GRADE BUMP - Grade bump in Math for students who reach a required level of achievement on the test. Click here to view the criteria from the Math Department.
  • LONGER LUNCH NEXT YEAR - Extended time at lunch next year if students help us improve our percentage of proficiency on the Math and Literacy tests. For each percentage point we increase in either area, we will grant one additional minute of lunch time on a specific day of the month for all of next school year for all students and staff to enjoy (up to 10 minutes total).
  • DATA - The data from this test is used for students' IEP's, and it is an overall measurement of the school's academic performance. 
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