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Brand New Student

Registering a New Student

What to Bring
For the Parent or Guardian:
  • Parent's Photo ID - All parents/guardians must bring a current photo ID (passport, driver’s license, or employee ID)
  • Utility Bill - The gas, water, or electric bill must reflect the parent/guardian's name and service address - this address is what we use to verify that the student lives within the school's boundaries.
For the Student:
  • Student's Birth Certificate - This may substituted with adoption papers, passport, or court orders
  • Unofficial Transcripts - In order to place your student in the appropriate classes, we must view the class schedule he/she had prior to arriving at Norco High School. Please provide grades if they are available.
  • IEP Paperwork - Please bring a copy of any special educational services your student receives to ensure your child continues the support while attending Norco High School. All parents and guardians may request this paperwork directly from the school the student last attended. You may bring a copy with you or have them faxed to us at (951) 736-3282.
  • Expelled Student Paperwork - If your student has ever been expelled from any prior school, you must provide a re-admittance letter from that school district. If you have not yet been re-admitted, please contact Pupil Services in our district at (951) 736-5178.
  • Student's Immunization Records - All students must include the following (please contact your child's physician if any of these shots are missing from the Immunization Record):
    • TB Skin Test - If this is the first time this student is entering Riverside County, the test must have been taken within the last 15 months. The test is administered on one day and requires the student to return within (and not to exceed) two days. The results must be documented on the student's Health Card. If the test is negative, you may proceed to register for school; if the test is positive, the student must have a chest x-ray with negative results. If an x-ray is needed, parents must obtain the negative x-ray results signed by the radiologist and physician, along with the date the x-ray was taken and the date the results were read on a letter to be given to the school while registering the student.
    • 3 Polio shots
    • 3 DPT/TD shots
    • MMR - measles, mumps, rubella
    • Varicella - chicken pox (required for all students over the age of 12)


Any false, misleading, or deliberate omission of information is used to establish residency and secure registration in the District, shall be considered null and void.

*Please contact the Registrar's Office to schedule an appointment to register your student.
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