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As you may have already heard, The CNTA and CNUSD have recently come together to provide a framework for what distance learning looks like for our district in regard to the current school closures.

As we return to being on duty for school hours following our scheduled spring break on April 6th, teachers will be finishing distance learning training and preparing  for the official roll-out of distance learning on April 13th. .

Please make sure to connect with school, district, and community sources to make sure you have the most accurate information on a daily basis. The following websites are a good place to start:

CNUSD Updates

Norco High School Updates:


Distance Learning for Band and Preparation for Next Year.

As I detailed below, I will be using Google classroom in conjunction with e-mail and the Remind App to carry out the distance component of instruction for the remainder of the year.

My goal is to incorporate as much of a playing component as possible so we can approximate typical classroom interaction. While this format cannot truly replace an interactive ensemble rehearsal in the classroom it is as close as I can get with the current technology available to me

Grading in Q will reflect grades for Quarter 3 interim grades to the point where we left - March 13th. Remember that the district has been clear that distance learning can only RAISE your current grade. In essence this makes it functionally an enrichment activity with a more robust framework attached to a (positive) grade component.

*Know that I will be going into graded performance tests retroactively and using the progress made by the vast majority of you in all classes to reinforce the achievement trajectory we were on just prior to school closing. 

This will definitely push grades in the upward direction for students as all classes were doing great things in their respective areas-Jazz, Percussion, Guard, and Concert Band.

In light of preparing for next school year, I view the current situation as an indefinite delay. That means that I will be trying to find ways to accomplish as many of the things we were unable to get to during second semester. How this actually happens will be impacted by how and when schools are re-opened. I have listed a few of the priorities that need to be addressed below:

  • Honoring our graduating seniors in some fashion
  • Selecting new leaders and drum majors
  • Getting out essential repertoire to members
  • Addressing 8th grade recruitment and new members
  • Time frames for band camp, prep activities, and what the fall season will look like

This is obviously not a complete list but more information will be coming out in the next weeks and months as things unfold and are processed by the district and school site.

For School Instruments: Returning students can hold on to theirs. Seniors and any non-returning student should hold on to them until I can work with admin to set up a collection time once school is open. Students are financially responsible for all school equipment in their possession.

Essential Information and Getting Started

 I have chosen to use Google Classroom, Zoom, district e-mail, and the Remind App. as a platform for distance learning. Students may begin using this as early as April 6th if they choose. I welcome early users as it will help me iron out any issues prior to April 13th.

Band/Guard/Percussion (Periods 0-3 and 7) Distance Curricula:

Students will essentially be completing performance tasks listed in their specific Google Classroom portal. Most assignments involve video or audio recording of their performance and uploading it to Google Classroom. I have attached instructions to the website for those that want to use a smartphone app to access Google Classroom. It is a good primer on how to use the system overall so you may want start there first if you are new to the platform.

Students may also inform me of any enrichment activities they have done and they will receive credit. I will also be adding assignments periodically so do check back in.

*All grading will be compiled and displayed on the Q system as usual.

Google Classroom Codes

*Make sure to log into Google with your school e-mail address as private accounts will give you an invalid code message. Your district e-mail is your student ID number followed by  

You will then be prompted for your username (use student ID only) and then your personal password to log in. See the pdf on Google Classroom directions on the band website as well.

Jazz Band (Zero Period): zexq6nf

Percussion (Period 1): yjitcex

Concert Band/Colorguard (Period 2): jut2pag

Symphonic Band (Period 3): 5xqzegx

Marching Aux. (Period 7): v23d2hd

Students can also contact me via e-mail and the Remind App. to schedule an in-person Zoom meeting to complete performance assignments or get extra instruction if they choose. Appointments can be made for the following school day between the hours of 7:30am and 2:44pm. Zoom directions and codes will be sent to students within the half-hour prior to the meeting via Remind or e-mail.

                                                                        ZOOM Meeting Protocols

I have listed a few protocols for engaging in an appropriate learning experience via Zoom meetings. Remember that all school rules should be followed. Exercise good judgment and you should be just fine.

1) Stay muted and wait to be allowed in the meeting by the presenter.
2)  Use the best location (lighting, low-interruption, internet) possible given your circumstances.
3)  There should be no recording of the session (Teacher or Student).
4) Raise your hand physically or with the prompt to ask a question.
5) Exercise identical interaction as you would in any school setting where you
are following all school and district policy - language, dress, etc.
6)  Use appropriate backgrounds and screen names.
7) Students that violate school or district rules via Zoom will be muted, dismissed, and referred to appropriate administrative officials.

                                                             Hours and Contact Information

Dr. Mora E-mail:

Band Website:

On-Duty Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-2:44pm.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri from 7:30-8:30am and by appointment.

Contact Methods: E-mail, Remind App.


Enrichment Activities

I have created a small repository of sites for those of you that may like some enrichment during our current closure. There is no grade component tied to any of this material and it is completely optional. I will be adding things as time goes on.

Basic Instrument Performance  Skills:

Practice your instrument with a tuner and metronome using the guidelines for proper practice given in class. You can focus on long tones, pitch, full-range scales (all 12 majors), articulations, and dynamics.

Also use current and archived sheet music you already have in your possession as you integrate basics of characteristic sound, tone, and articulation as we have defined in class.

For Colorguard:

Practice any of your current or past routines with available equipment.

Music Theory:




Music Listening:

Just signed up for this and it is pretty great. Use the code and set up your e-mail and password and you are good to go!

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