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Block Schedule (April)

Block Schedule 2022-23

We change our schedule for 10 days in April to accommodate testing. This schedule applies to all students.

7:35 - 8:22 AM   Period 0
8:22 - 8:30 AM   First Bell
8:30 - 10:24 AM   Period 1/2
10:38 - 12:34 PM   Period 3/4
12:34 - 1:32 PM   Lunch
1:40 - 3:34 PM   Period 5/6

Last updated 5/17/22

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have Late Arrival or Work Experience, do I still have to come early on even days? Yes. You may skip Period 1, but you must report to Period 2 at the regular start time. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we hope this temporary change doesn't impact you on the five days you are inconvenienced. You do, however, get to come in two hours late on odd days to make up for it.

If I have Early Dismissal or Work Experience for Period 6, does this mean I have to stay all day on odd days? Yes. It may be an inconvenience for students who have to stay late on odd days, but on even days, students have the last block off, which means you can leave at lunch instead of at 1:45pm like a normal bell schedule day.
     ODD - student stays all day
     Period 1
     Period 3
     Period 5

     EVEN - student leaves after lunch
     Period 2
     Period 4
     Period 6 - ok to leave when lunch ends

How does this work for Zero-Period? Check with your teacher - they may have you come at zero period everyday and only meet for the regular one hour.

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