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Cadet Guide

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Norco High School - Unit CA-20067

CA-20067 Cadet Guide 2020-21

Please See the Detailed Syllabus for 2020-21 for expanded information.
Course Syllabus

PLEASE NOTE - MANDATORY UNIFORM DAY: Wednesday (unless otherwise announced by the instructors) All Cadets are required to adhere to USAF grooming standards (hair, hair color, nails, earrings, markings on skin, cleanliness, personal hygiene, etc.) and wear the uniform once a week or as prescribed by Instructors. Please see Cadet Guide for further rules and instructions.

a. Course Description: Aerospace Science’s primary role is to help parents and schools create better citizens for their community, state, and our nation. Aerospace Science instructors accomplish this goal by mentoring students in their daily interaction in class and during Corps activities. Class instruction includes character building, life skills, leadership development, World Cultures, U.S. military history, survival techniques, space exploration and aerospace science concepts. Classroom studies are augmented with lab activities, field trips, formal military functions, drill and sports competitions, and social interaction opportunities for the cadets.

b. Basic Textbook: Check the current academic year and cadet year in the individual syllabus for further information.

c. Grading Procedures: There will be several tests during the school year. Please see the Cadet Guide for further information.

d. Classroom conduct, behaviors and/or rules: Cadets are given detailed instructions on classroom conduct, among the more important rules are: respect others when they are speaking, no discriminatory or biased conduct will be tolerated, all school rules will be adhered to, cadets will go to “parade rest” upon entering the classroom and refrain from speaking until roll call is completed and they have been seated, and cadets will police (clean up after themselves) the Corps area after every period. Uniform wear is mandatory on Wednesday; failure to wear the uniform on assigned days will negatively impact a cadet’s grade for the course.

e. Homework policies: There are generally few homework assignments for the class but this does not mean there will be none. Most work is conducted in class or on site.

f. Make-up work procedures and policies: Aerospace Science instructors will show flexibility in allowing students to make up missed work for excused absences. Further, due dates for projects will be based on students’ inputs, so cadets will have an opportunity to demonstrate their time management skills in programming their Aerospace Science projects within the scope of their overall school work load. This said; cadets will be expected to honor commitments.

g. Tardy policies: Do not be tardy.

h. Procedures for parents to contact teachers: parents are welcome to visit the Corps building to discuss their concerns or issues with the Aerospace Science instructors. Maj Lorkowski can also be reached by e-mail at or SSgt Spratley at or by phone at 951-736-3241 x25680.

i. Parent Contact Information: All cadets should provide phone and e-mail contact information for a parent or guardian. This enables us to ensure parents are kept informed of upcoming Corps event they may want to participate in.


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