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Why take Math 4 years

Why students should take Math for 4 years!

4 Years of Math

The importance of taking 4 years of Math and at least 3 years of Science 
  • College competitiveness for acceptance 
  • Better prepared to stay in college 
  • Military bound – higher scores on ASVAB = acceptance & more job choices 
  • Keeps all doors open so you have a choice for plans after HS graduation
  • Senior math class used for placement in college (2 year and 4 year). If they test low or have poor grades in math they will have to take remedial classes they have to pay for until they get to college level, which is what they need to obtain their degree or possibly their certificate. Try taking math after essentially taking 2.5. 
  • Community College is college and students will be required to take math.  Staying in math for 4 years will help them avoid 1 or more remedial math classes that do not count for transfer credit (and they will be paying for those classes).
  • Costs more money to take additional math classes in college  
  • Construction workers unions/organizations and they said they test for math skills and you have to qualify at a certain level to get accepted into their programs. This goes for other trade school as well.
  • Math is needed not just for the math skills, but the thinking skills you learn by doing math.
  • Most Careers have a technical component (even construction & bartending) so math skills need to be solid in order to advance in that field. 
  • This is the last shot at a “free education,” everyone should take advantage of it!
  • Brain development. Higher level learning increases neural pathways in the brain that increases intelligence and analytical abilities.
  • Higher test scores in a city/town increase the property values as it becomes a more desirable area as families move into areas that have strong schools with higher test scores.
  • The skills they learn in science and math help students in their careers as they learn to analyze and apply concepts to solve problems.
  • Military – ASVAB:  increases scores which equal more job choices in the military for the young recruit.  That test is English & Math with some embedded science questions demonstrate aptitude, which also increases job choices and placement. (Ex: I have been interviewed at length on 2 occasions for nuclear sub and above top secret clearance for 2 different HS grads.  They never even thought about this while they were here.)
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