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"You Don't Want to be on This List" List

"You Don't Want to be on This List" List

The most a student can have without getting on the No-Go List 
How to be removed from the No-Go List 
(in any given period) 
Discipline Saturday School (1 per absence)
*Students may need to go to multiple in order to make up the necessary time.
(in any given period)
Wednesday Late-Start Detention (1-4 tardies)
Discipline Saturday School (1-16 tardies)
*Students may need to go to multiple in order to make up the necessary time.
 BEHAVIOR No suspension last 30 days
No unserved teacher detentions
Any reason determined by admin
See administration

  • Winter Formal (January 2022) - List released by Wednesday12/1 via email to each student in their CNUSD email account
  • Prom (May 2022)
  • Grad Night (May 2022)
  • Senior Dinner Dance (May 2022)

  • How are students notified if they are on or off of The List? We send a personalized email to all of our students and their families each week starting about one month prior to each major school dance or Senior Activity to let them know if they are "on" or "off" of The List. Starting about one month ahead of time allows time for students to attend Saturday School and/or meet with their Assistant Principal. Each email will contain details about whether they are "on" or "off" The List. If they are "on" The List, details will be provided with reasons why as well as steps they can take to get "off" The List. Emails will be sent weekly leading up to the event with updates of their status so they can receive updated notifications.
  • What if the absences were due to quarantine or Covid? We will eliminate any absences associated with Covid or quarantine for all students.
  • What if the absences were due to a family emergency or other critical event that prevented students from attending school? Students can let their Assistant Principal know so students can be removed from The List.
  • Is it 10 absences/tardies in a given semester or school year? The full school year. If you have already exceeded this amount, you can meet with your Assistant Principal to discuss options.
  • Does it matter if they are cleared or uncleared absences/tardies? No - we are simply adding each one up and if it's more than 10, the student will be placed on The List and admin will work with each student to help find a way to get off The List.
  • How will I know if I am on the The List? We will message families of students who ARE on The List 30 days prior to the next event. Students will also receive a note from their ELA teacher. This will allow enough time for students to earn their way off of The List.
  • Will grades be used to determine whether a student is on or off The List? Not at this time. We feel that this is a year of transitioning back into in-person instruction and will not be using grades as a factor for the 2021-22 school year.
  • Can I get a refund if I am on The List and cannot attend an event I already paid for? Yes. The administrator will contact the Activities Office on the student's behalf prior to the event. A check will issued in the student's name.
  • What if I am on The List due to an error? No problem! Go see your Assistant Principal so he/she can assist.

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