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Student CNUSD Email

Student CNUSD Email

Standard CNUSD Student Email Address:

[email protected]

How to Login: 

Click the myCNUSD logo at the top of our website!


Password Reset: 

Email [email protected] with the student's full name and ID number

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I keep receiving "Access Denied" error message.
Do not use a full email to log-in. Only use your student ID number.

My password will work for a while and then it won't work when I try it again later.
If you sent us multiple requests to change it, it could be that we are resetting it again as we get to each of your requests. Just use the same default password (your initials with a capital first and lower-cased last and your birthdate with full year... Bh09222004)

I cannot email my teacher when she sends an update from Google Classroom.
Google Classroom emails from your teacher are only announcements being pushed out to students and do not accept replies. To reply to your teacher, you must create a new email. Simply type their name in the "TO:" field and their email should pop right up.

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