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Report Card Dates

Report Card Dates for 2023-24 School Year

Report cards and progress reports are no longer mailed and are available in Student and Parent Connect.

2023-2024 Secondary Report Card Timelines

How to Access - ENGLISH.pdf
How to Access - SPANISH.pdf

Do you have a question about the grade? Please contact the teacher directly.

Report Cards Explained...

Progress Reports - This is done between report card dates to allow teachers to notify parents/guardians that their student may be in danger of failing. This is why only students with a D or F (and sometimes C if the teacher feels it is necessary) receive a Progress Report. Progress Reports should not include grades, but should include an IDF (which means "In Danger of Failing").

Quarter Report Cards - These are report cards issued in the middle of Semester 1 and Semester 2 to show the student's current grades midway through the semester. These are not final grades but a way to inform the student and parent/guardian half-way through the semester.

Semester 1 or 2 Report Card Cards (Quarter 2 and 4) - These report cards are the final grades for the term. There are two times in which this occurs - the end of Semester 1 (around Winter Break) and the end of the school year (in May/June). These grades are posted on the student's transcripts and cannot be changed (unless there was an error). Students may take Summer School to redo D's and F's, but the Summer School grade does not replace the initial grade. Both grades will remain on the transcript and will both be factored into the student's overall GPA.
  • Colleges like to see that the student took the initiative to redo a class a student did poorly in, so even if the D or F remains on the report card, the repeating of the class always looks favorable to colleges.
  • Athletic eligibility is also determined with the final grades and Summer School class repeats always help improve the chances of meeting eligibility requirements.
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