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PCT (Late Start)

Late-Start PCT Bell Schedule 2023-24
All regular days of school. PCT Late Start starts the 2nd week of school.
No Legacy Period 3 on Wednesday Late-Start days. 

Ask your teacher Period 0
9:42 - 9:50 AM First Bell
9:50 - 10:35 AM Period 1
10:42 - 11:27 AM Period 2
11:34 - 12:19 AM Period 4
12:26 - 1:11 AM Period 5
1:11 - 1:51 PM Lunch
1:58 - 2:43 PM Period 6
2:50 - 3:34 PM Period 7


What does PCT stand for?
Professional Collaboration Time

Why do we have a late-start?
It allows teachers to collaborate with other educators.

Does this apply to all grade levels?

Can students arrive to campus early?
Yes. Students can enter campus and wait in the quad or cafeteria until school starts.

Can I meet with my teacher or counselor?
Only if you have an appointment. This time is intended for staff meetings, so it is recommended you visit with them at another time.

Is this the same as elementary and middle school?
No. Middle school holds their PCT time Wednesday afternoon and elementary schools vary. View district bell schedules
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