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Parent Tips

Parent Tips

Tip #6: Check In Daily

Take a few moments per day to inquire about your student's day. With everyone's lives getting busier, it is important to stay connected to your child. Here are 100 questions you can ask your teen other than "How was school today?"

speak up

Tip #5: Train Your Student to Speak Up!

If your student is complaining about the teacher or the class, don't come to their rescue! Instead, train him/her how to talk to the teacher about his/her concerns! This is the most valuable lesson you can teach your child. We only have so many years before kids become an adult, what better time to learn than now?

daily updates

Tip #4: Daily email alerts!

Learn how to set up your Parent Connect to receive daily email alerts with your student's attendance, behavior, and grades! Watch the video to learn how!


Tip #3: Attendance Matters!

Research shows that missing 10% of school (18 days) negatively affects students' academic performance. That's just 2 days each month! This is also referred to as "chronic absenteeism." (Read More...)

asking for help

Tip #2: Is Your Student Struggling?

To ensure our students are life-ready, we encourage all of our students to approach their teachers when they are struggling in class.

norco app student grades

Tip #1: Check Parent Connect Weekly!

Sit at the table or check on your drive home! Ask your student to log into their Student Connect and share out their grades. Then, ask your questions right there! This shows you care and keeps you connected and on top of their grades!
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