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Tamara Dixon

Mrs. Dixon

Phone: (951) 736-3241 ext. 25217


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English
MS in Reading Education

Mrs. Dixon

Personal Message

Welcome to my page. Please note that most of our distance learning will take place through Google Classroom and Zoom.

Google Classroom Directions

Go to google classrooms and sign in using your school email:

(I Recommend downloading the app)

Add our class using our class code:

Period 1: Q29xibl

Period 2: utru9qu
Choose the assignment and go to Create
Choose "Document"
When done, click "TURN IN" on the top right of the document (next to the blue share button).

If you need to contact me outside of office hours, the best method is to email me using the email icon on this page. 

Everything you need to know for distance learning:
This and more information, including a day by day schedule, can be found in Google Classroom.

Office Hours

I have set up dedicated office hours to take calls and respond to your questions, which are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2 in the afternoon. During that time, you can join our Zoom classroom using the link below:

Topic: Dixon’s Office Hours

Time: Apr 14, 2020 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

        Every week on Tuesday and Thursday

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 624 717 922

Password: 041512

You can use zoom through the app or by going to and clicking “join meeting” at the top. 

When you join, you will automatically be placed into the waiting room until I accept you in, which is why it is very important to use your school email and actual name so that I can identify you. Please see the handout in google classrooms about Zoom etiquette. 

I am also available by email at anytime and I will usually get back to you with in 24 hours. I’m also happy to do one-on-one Zoom phone meetings if you request one, and we can work out a time that is convenient for you. 

Zoom Etiquette 

  • Put away distractions. Give your full attention to your host and others in your zoom room. 
  • Choose a comfortable location and stay there. Getting up and moving around may lead an embarrassing situation. 
  • Mute yourself unless you are addressing the group. 
  • Anything you show the group must be classroom appropriate. Remember, showing anything inappropriate is not only against the rules, but it is also illegal. Keep in mind you are in a classroom with minors and there are real world consequences when you display inappropriate texts and images to minors. 
  • Always be aware that others can see you. This may mean you want to brush your hair and your teeth before entering the zoom room. 
  • You must keep your camera on unless you receive permission to turn it off. That is just part of being a good participant. 
  • You may absolutely use zoom virtual backgrounds! If you insert your own background, just make sure it’s classroom appropriate

  What if the Zoom session doesn’t start, or it gets cut off early?
There is always a possibility that my own internet will have a problem that stops me from opening a session or kicks me out early. In both cases, please wait patiently for 5 minutes while I try to solve my technical issue. If the session does not open within those 5 minutes, consider the session cancelled. I will send out a mass email to your student account with further instructions (depending on what we missed) as soon as I am able to access the internet again. 


4th Quarter Grading Policy

First, it is important to understand that your grade cannot drop below your 3rd quarter grade. At this point, your grade can only go up. So, if you already have an A, congratulations! You get to keep it no matter what.  What, then, is the point of continuing to work for those of you who are satisfied with your grade already? I have three good reasons you should still give this quarter your all. 

  1. Don’t miss out on more experiences. With sports and dances and so many other things canceled here in the Great Pause, you are already missing out on too many experiences that you should have gotten your junior year. If you only do one thing more with us, let it be that you read “Of Mice and Men” with us so you don’t miss out of that pretty big experience as well. This book is usually one of the most memorable parts of the year for students, and there are so many allusions to it in music you listen to and shows you watch that you will never catch if you miss this book. Please join us for this, and let it be at least one thing that was not taken from you this year.   And since you must do without so many other experiences, I recommend participating in our extra credit “Doing Good” project to give yourself a unique experience during this time that you otherwise would never have gotten. Make the most of this. 
  2. Don’t miss out on the learning. I can only imagine the last thing you want to do right now is write that research report, but these skills are necessary to do well your senior year and in college. Your senior teachers will still be expecting you to come in with adequate writing skills and the ability to use MLA formatting. I encourage you to rise up to the challenge and allow me to help you make your writing senior- year ready. 
  3. Don’t miss out on a letter of recommendation. My usual requirement for a letter of recommendation is that you have an A or B and a decent test score. This year, however, these choices you make now are the greatest test of character most students have ever had to face. What do you do when your learning is entirely a choice in your own hands? Do you throw it away, or do you follow the path of Frederick Douglass and fight for knowledge regardless of the obstacles in your way. And I know there will be obstacles. Sometimes your tech won’t work. Sometimes you won’t find a quiet place. Sometimes you’ll find you have more responsibilities than before. So, you’ll tell yourself, “These points don’t matter anyway.” And, if you are already satisfied with your grade, that is true. The points don’t matter. The learning will always matter. Prove to me that you understand what Douglass did, and you can count on me for a recommendation. 

How will the work be graded?

Research Report:  A = 12% grade bump

              B = 9% grade bump

              C= 6% grade bump

              D/F = Opportunity to try again

Of Mice and Men Unit: I will provide a Kindle copy of the book for anyone who requests it, but if you already have a copy or can purchase your own from Kindle for $3.20, that would be great too. This unit will include class Zoom sessions you can join where we will read the book aloud, just as we would in class. Mostly, I’ll be reading the book to you with a little help from volunteers. We will have discussions on Zoom as well. Alternatively, I have chapter questions you could answer if you want to read the book on your own. There will also be a 5 simple worksheets and a final test for everyone, regardless of if you Zoom with us or read on your own. Here is the point break down:

Zoom participation or chapter questions: 10 points per chapter 

    There are 6 chapters. Chapter 3 will be broken into 2 sessions.

    Most sessions will be about an hour long.

Worksheets: There will be 5 worksheets at 5 points each.

Test: 15 points 

Grade Translation:  A = 12% grade bump

                B = 9% grade bump

               C= 6% grade bump

D/F = Opportunity to try again

Outside Reading: These points go into the grade book like they normally would, right into the outside reading grade already showing on Q.  I am now cutting the reading pages down to just 150. If you already reported before we left, congratulations! You are done. If you did not report and you already read your pages, email me right away and I will set up a Zoom session with you very soon. If you have not read yet or cannot Zoom, I have several alternative short readings you can do using the website Common Lit. I have to give you a code to enroll, so let me know right away if this is the path you want to take to complete your reading pages. If you do not let me know by April 24th, this will no longer be an option, but the extra credit opportunity will make up for it.

Extra Credit:

Please read the guidelines for this project below, which better details how it will be graded. The good you do will be its own reward, but I’ll reward you with some extra credit nonetheless. Here is how the project grade affects your overall grade:


A = 8% grade bump

B = 6% grade bump

C = 4% grade bump

D = 2% grade bump

Extra Credit

“Doing Good”

In this strange time, I really hope you are doing well, but my greater hope, still, is that you are doing good. Go and intentionally do good out in the world, even if that means doing it right from your living room. Consider that these few months are going to be something you will talk about for years to come. You will talk about this with friends you make when you return next year, in your college admissions essays, in scholarship interviews and job interviews, and with your children someday. You don’t want your answers to their questions about what you did from March to June to be “I played a ton of video games” or “I ignored the social distancing orders and hung out with friends everyday.” So, what are you going to do with this time? 

Consider how you can do good in this world even confined by our current restraints. Make a plan and enact it. For this project, you will keep a biweekly (twice a week) blog, vlog, graphic novel style autobiography, or any other creative means of documenting what you are doing to spread cheer, bring hope, or give help in this time. Below are a few ideas, but the sky is the limit. Please observe all of the CDC safety recommendations about social distancing, travel, and cleanliness during this project, and get parent permission before implementing your idea.


  • Learn to sew masks and give them away.
  • Grocery shop for those in high risk categories and deliver their groceries.
  • Create a chalk mural somewhere visible (and legal) in your community (could be on your own fence) and change it out every few days to bring joy to your neighbors.
  • Write positive messages in chalk on the sidewalks in your community.
  • Offer digital homework help to younger kids in a subject you enjoy.
  • Take on chores around the house you are not required to do to help and bring joy to your family members.
  • Take care of the gardening for some neighbors.
  • Create music, stories, or art with a hopeful message to share online.

You need at least 10 documentations (that means 10 blogs, vlogs, stories, whatever you choose) published online somewhere the public can access. These 10 documentations need to be spread out over at least 4 weeks (so 2 or 3 a week would be perfect). If you documentation is more visual than verbal, please accompany all pictures with a caption explaining what we see and what you are experiencing internally at that time. If you are having trouble figuring out how to document and publish your idea, email me for help. 

By the time you are done, what you have published should tell a story. If you are making masks, perhaps you begin with snapshots of posts of people in the community asking for masks online. Then, maybe you take pictures of your process, showing you learning how to sew them and how you grow in your sewing skills over time. Along the way, you might snap pictures of all the door steps you deliver your masks to. Maybe you end with a picture of a thank you letter from one of the recipients. 


Because you are publishing this on a public site that anyone can access, find creative ways of leaving your face out of it, unless you get permission from your parents to publish pictures of yourself. Do not state where you live. Talk about your “community,” not about Norco. 


Documentation: 5 points each (50 total)

Professionalism: 20 points

Story telling: 10 points. 

    Total Possible: 80 points

An A on this project will raise your overall grade 8%. 


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