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Transfer to 4-Year

Transfer to a 4-Year

transfer to 4 year

Attending a Community College is a great way to get started on your future! It's less expensive, close to home, and students get priority into a Cal State or UC after they have completed the transfer requirements. Here's what you need to know:

Q & A:

Question: What is the IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum)?
Answer: The IGETC is a series of courses that community college students can take to satisfy lower-division general education requirements at any CSU or UC campus. Visit the Norco College website to download the most current Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) form.

Question: What is the Associates Degree for Transfer?
Answer: It is an Associates Degree that students must obtain to guarantee a seat at the Cal State or UC. Students who complete their Associates in Arts or Science are guaranteed admission with junior standing somewhere in the CSU system and given priority admission to their local CSU campus or to a program that is deemed similar to their community college major. This priority does not guarantee admission to a specific major or campus. But, do your homework, not all CSU campuses accept all of the Associates Degrees. To find out which degrees are available and which degrees transfer, you must meet with a college counselor. Find more info at Norco College's page for Transfer Requirements.

Question: What if there is no Associates Degree for Transfer for the major I want to pursue at the university?
Answer: Work with a counselor to find the most appropriate Associates Degree that would be the best fit. For example, if you are planning to major in Engineering, you might consider an Associates Degree in Mathematics or Physics. Be sure to get your counselor's input before deciding on anything.

Question: Do I have to complete BOTH the IGETC and the Associates Degree for Transfer?
Answer: It depends on the major you trying to work towards. We recommend doing both to guarantee yourself a spot with the CSU or UC, but only the Norco College counselor can truly answer this question.

Question: Is this the same process for all Community Colleges?
Answer: The Associates Degree for Transfer is applicable to all colleges, but we recommend that you reach out to the Community College you plan to attend directly to be sure. Find out more on the California Community Colleges website:

Question: How long does it take to get the Associates Degree for Transfer?
Answer: It all depends on how many credits you take, when courses are available, if you successfully complete classes with a C or better, and have completed the necessary pre-requisites to take subsequent classes. Some students take two years while others may take longer.

Question: Can I dual enroll in another Community College so I can finish my courses sooner?
Answer: Yes! Keep in mind that this can be a tremendous amount of work if too many courses are taken at one time immediately out of high school, so choose carefully.

78% of Norco High students 
stay in their 2-Year institution 
for a second year.


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